Re-Act is a publication documenting the reaction of audiences all over Egypt.

At the end of 2013, Noon Creative Enterprise was commissioned by UNFPA, H&M and Y-PEER to perform Hara TV 2: Keep it real 55 times in 14 governorates around Egypt. Upon returning to our homes after a rewarding and hectic journey that took us around the country, we were still in awe at the amount of cooperation and hospitality that we had encountered along the way. Both friends and strangers – and those who had become friends – had happily helped us organise all these performances.

Touring with Hara TV 2: Keep it real would not have been possible without all the wonderful people who helped organise the performances in their areas, organisations, universities and centers. Re-act is a reaction to your generosity. To you we are forever grateful; and we dedicate this publication to you. For without all of you, however big or small you contribution has been, we would not be sitting at home and telling of the many wonderful moments we shared with you; nor would we have the memories of the many people who came to and interact with our show.

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