Hara TV 3

Interactive theatre is a presentational or theatrical form or work that breaks the “fourth wall” that traditionally separates the performer from the audience both physically and verbally. Interactive Theater is not made for only entertainment, it is often produced to illustrate real-life political and moral debates. Interactive theater allows the audience to becomes completely immersed as participating actors and the spectator to become the primary reason for the production. The audience is given the opportunity to become the main characters on the stage, and can also interact with the actors.

Hara TV 3 (2014) 

A fast-paced, interactive, highly comic theatre piece that tackles the topic of FGM in Egypt. Hara TV 3 has been running since 2014. The skits include 3 actors/actresses who perform and then conduct a post-performance facilitation. This ensures the key issues have gone through to all the audience as well as allows for the formulation of opinion based on dialogue allowing the audience to engage with the performance, the topic as well as share their own ideas and experiences.

This performance was written through a process of improvisation and editing between director Nada Sabet and her actors.

Language: Arabic

Duration: 90Min (with Discussion)

Cast: Sherin Hegazy - Ahmed EL Sawi - Mohammed Sami Negm

Directed by Nada Sabet

Completed showings

To date over 200 Performances in Egypt have taken place in Cairo, Alexandria, Upper Egypt, the Canal and the Delta Governorates



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