About Meetphool

Meetphool is a professional platform for the performing arts sector at large. We aim to improve the artistic quality of performance arts by providing an accessible, free of cost medium for showcasing, sharing knowledge and skill, networking and developing further work together.

We are trying to achieve this by mapping out the entire performance arts sector worldwide, with an accessible and easy to use tool, where everyone and anyone within the sector can contribute freely and effectively with fellow workers, creating a true, active sense of community, with no boundaries or borders.

With the support of the European Union Cultural Commission in Cairo, we are currently focusing on bridging both sides of the Mediterranean, creating a hub for Professionals from both Europe and North Africa.

The platform has three main functions:


  1. Free artist portfolio pages which can act as personal websites that are easy to update for individual artists, venues, festivals, producers…etc
  2. A safe and accessible meeting venue for all those in the performance arts sector to meet each other, see each others works and create links and networks for further work.
  3. Dissemination of information on what is available in terms of artwork, resources, venues, festivals, training, conferences and funding


The performance arts sector is defined loosely to include all those who work together or individually to create an artistic product with a live performance, worldwide (i.e. encompassing all genres, including, theatre, dance, live art, street theatre, the list is endless and includes all job roles including organisations as well as individuals working on-, off- and backstage, creatively, performing, in production, management, design, etc.)


Meetphool is continuously looking at ways to provide comprehensive and up to date information to its members in collaborating with other networks to aid in the flow of information and strengthening understanding of performing arts sector on a global scale.