Previous meet-ups

  • A meet-up was organized for people who work with puppets, out of which the idea of a showcase was created. The showcase was carried out in different cities.


  • As part of the Meetphool platform (for practitioners and artists working in the performing arts field), multiple meet-ups were organized to discuss a topic of interest. For Metphool’s second birthday a conference was organized on the topic of spaces; how they are established, their evolution, the different models and frameworks within which they operate. Guests invited to share their experiences included Gudran space in Alexandria and Studio Emad Eddin in Cairo.


  • Other meet-ups part of Meetphool platform were organized in different cities (Alexandria and Assiout) to introduce people to the platform and how it operates.  


  • The last meet-up organised by Noon was held as part of the launch of the publication that explores the journey of creating Hara TV, a series of three interactive performances and workshops that toured different governorates. Topics discussed include the relationship between development, arts and education, the artists’ experiences, how the show was designed in a form which helps with its mobility, and how to tap into networks which aren’t related to the arts (for this project networks which worked on gender based violence, as well as those which worked with youth and community service.)