تدريب مدربين على استخدام المواد التعليمية لمبادرة انا_هنا


  1. 以我以前做空姐的常住Anchorage (北美最北之地區) 勁暖氣酒店的經驗, 對付暖氣房有以下對策:1) 如空調有得選擇, 我會開最暖的冷氣(25′c), instead of 最冷的暖氣. 因為冷氣既風係from coolent, 而暖氣係from 發熱線(dry 好多). 如無得選擇, 我會選擇關掉暖氣. (唔會好冷, cos 有中央暖氣)2) 弄濕一條小毛巾(濕度有80%) 放在bed side table near where you sleep. 容易入睡. å‘€, MANUKA HONEY 好似要15+ 以上先有用喎!

  2. Hi Roxanne, Actually, no checked luggage. I have very small sizes (each is substantially smaller than 3 oz) for each of the many gels/liquids. So they all fit in the accepted one quart-size zip lock bag. Then, when I get to my destination, I separate them into their separate bags.

  3. nosotros como seres humanos a toda hora estamos en busqueda de conocimento.conocimientos que enriquescan nuestra mente y que hagan que nosotros como seres humanos pensemos en “la alegoria de la caverna”podemos observar que a lo que muchas personas le tienen miedo es asalir y mostrarnos como somos cosas que nos atan y no dejan que fluyamos como personasy que siempre estamos hay como uyendo de una sociedad que espera por nosotros ….. mayra montes padilla 10-9

  4. Hola, me acaban de regalar un ebook amazon kindle, ya tengo el manual en español pero no sé cómo cambiar el idioma del menú del ebook. ¿Alguién sabe como se cambia el idioma del menú? ¿Tengo que instalar algo, alguna aplicación, …, en el ebook?.Muchas gracias de antemano

  5. Slamolo: ce n’est pas qu’une comparaison quant à la taille, c’est une comparaison de masse (corrigez(moi si je me trompe! ces souvenirs de physiques sont très vieux…)! Donc, à volume égal: la mouche aussi grosse que la cathédrale ou la cathédrale aussi petite que la mouche, et bien ,la mouche est plus lourde! parce que ds la cathédrale il n’y a que du vide, c’est une enveloppe.

  6. Kasvissyöjänä on kauhistus ajatella, että soijaakaan ei voi syödä ilman pelkoa. Lihaa en halua syödä ollenkaan ja kalaa en edes voisi syödä allergian takia, joten soija on aika perusruokaa.Ärsyttävää, kun nykyään tuntuu, ettei mitään uskalla laittaa suuhunsa ilman, että täytyy jatkuvasti pelätä. : PHyvin on ihmiset asiansa järjestäneet.

  7. Oh man so it looks like I might be waiting in line on Friday to get KT iPad 2 3G. I really hope I can get one without a 3G contract. A rep from the Sinchon KT Global store said “Data Sharing” with my iPhone 4 is only 3,000WON a month. Thought I would share since I think it would be helpful to those who are not sure what model to buy. Thanks for all the info/work you have done. It is really helpful!

  8. I was going to say something about Rope. Tree. Politician. Some Assembly required, but on second thought these people, our elected public servants, seem just too childish to punish at the level the offense ordinarily dictates.representatives affiliated with the majority party in BOTH houses of Congress don’t feel they have a voice? They don’t need a voice, they have the votes!Idiots.

  9. A fantastic example of many ‘how to’-s: how to identify a problem, how to find a solution, how to team up with others, how to line up resources, how to harness and leverage talent and ambition, how to learn from senior leaders, how to follow through, and how to lead people and projects to success. Thank you, István and György, for proving the power of the GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders experience. And ErnÅ‘, special thanks go to you for your inspirational mentorship!

  10. Good analysis Lorie. I think you hit it on the head with your astute observation around the “human” element to BPMS. Over the years I’ve been involved in many business workflow/process improvement initiatives. When I look back, what strikes me is how much the “human” needs were given second fiddle. Personal relationships are pivotal in good collaboration. The biggest challenge is how to integrate the relationship needs (eg. trust, transparency, clarity, ease-of-use/understanding…) with the technical complexities of an interconnected, and often chaotic, business world.

  11. Slightly widening the discussion, another key element in planning a bicycle tour is the question of how much and which luggage to take?Whilst this is a personal decision one of the best pieces of advice I’ve read goesalong as follows; ” put everything you want to take on your bed – and take half”.Have used this “model” several times and works well for me.Bonne route!Bob.

  12. Vezměme jednoduchý Niskanenův model byrokracie. Racionálně jednající úředníci, příp. na státní dotace napojené neziskové organizace, jakkoli třeba s bohulibým předmětem činnosti, maximalizují svůj rozpočet, moc, funkční požitky atp. Nástrojem jim k tomu je zveličení problémů, které mají řešit. Proto by bylo velmi překvapivé, kdyby výše zmínění někdy v nějaké "analýze" přišli s tím, že diskriminace neexistuje nebo je nepatrná, a oni tedy již nejsou potřeba.Martin Froněk

  13. Qué mítico! La verdad es que ir ahora a alguna sala de recreativas no es ni la mitad de lo que era antes. Alguna que otra vez he llevado a mis primos pequeños para que flipen un rato, y cuando pienso en las cosas a las que jugaba yo y las que hay ahora se me cae una lagrimilla.

  14. So who’s really running “the great anti-American chess game” then, Dymphna?The truly damaging and suicidal aspect of Swedish politics–the mass immigration–didn’t have its source in admiration of Mao and Stalin, but in our admiration of America. I’m surprised how blind people are to such an obvious fact. And in recent history, no political system has been more un-multicultural and kept Islam out better than Communism.Socialism is obviously not the problem. Liberalism is.

  15. li:what is dihonest is to pretend that alimony/divorce attys/custody laws/prenups have ANYTHING to do with god/bibles/holy matrimony!!!why does everyone want govt ONLY in my relo/bedroom???why should my spouse NOT benefit from my medical insurance???what do finances have to do with the BESTIALITY that you vulgarly injected into this convo?????rsvpab

  16. That’s so great to hear! I hope they enjoy the site. And we would LOVE to see more photos from Grafschaft Bentheim… relatives, the farm, the landscape. Seeing where Jan grew up would be very interesting. If you have anything to share, feel free to send it by email to and I’ll find a way to post it.

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  23. WOW dude… This is just all kinds of awesome. It’s been a while since I used my truffle oil so now I can’t wait to with this recipe. And hapuka is one of my favourite white fishes too! So delicate and delicious. I haven’t tried perch or monk but will definitely look out for em too. Thanks for this recipe will def try it when I get back =)

  24. Making Bright Meadow private is an option I guess, but it feels like it goes against everything I hold dear in the idea of an open internet and making connections to new people. You suggested the idea and instantly I was shaking my head going “No, that is NOT an option”. Really keen people are going to find you, whatever you put.I think the question I have to answer for myself is do I want to be in the scenario where I walk into a publishing meeting and everyone looks at me like I’ve got a silly hat on because I’ve just been outed as a trashy fantasy author!

  25. Aug05Marc Also! I sold a CDN boxed Death Star Space Station to a gentleman on Sunday. Unfortunately as we were taking the contents out of the box to check it out, we forgot to put back in the box one of the pieces. I found it lying on my table about 2 hrs later :S. I still have it with me, so if the guy who bought it is reading this, look for me at the next show or contact me at and I will get it to you!

  26. I love your cross cultural attack at the 4th. I am a big fan of ginger but I haven’t used turmeric much. I’ll put that on my list. (MD) I like imagining what a spice might do when paired with another spice and used in an otherwise typical dish, and how well it pairs with the base food flavors. Turmeric is a good one for floral, aromatic and savory dishes.

  27. A proposito di Google Browser Sync.Lo *sconsiglio* a tutti. Forse sono paranoico, ma ricordo che con questa estensione Google inc. non solo conoscerà i vostri Bookmark [cosa che forse sa già, grazie ai click sul motore di ricerca]. Il punto chiave sono le password: codici di accesso ai conti correnti, alla posta e tutto ciò che di riservato abbiamo nel web.Dunque attenzione, perché la domanda finale è sempre la stessa: “cosa accade quando una sola azienda possiede i dati di mezzo mondo?”.

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  29. Discordo que qualquer piloto faria isso. Pilotos que fariam isso, sao pilotos que tem medo de perder seu lugar na equipe, e nao tem condiçoes de garantir lugar em outra equipe.Raikkonen por exemplo, nao aceitaria tal ordem. Pq perder uma vaga na ferrari nunca foi o fim do mundo pra ele. Ficar sem assento, e sair da F1, nao foi um grande problema.

  30. am i the only one who finds this dataset awfully suspect?how good were records in the 4th century and who was keeping them?how could we possibly know what the mayans were producing in 1200 or what the services economy looked like in northern china in the year 300?this just seems like an exercise in assumptions and extrapolation that would be heavily biased toward recent periods with better data.sure, there have been huge productivity gains and population gains and that makes a big difference, but pretending they can quantify it like this is ridiculous.

  31. You make some good points, but Microsoft and Apple will continue to put tons of resources into developing how their desktop and mobile OSes work seamlessly with cloud storage, then why do you need a third-party like Dropbox?Average users will use cloud storage that’s tied to their core OS down the road.

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