About Us

Noon Creative Enterprise is a Limited Liability Company registered in Egypt. Noon has a history of activities prior to the formal establishment of the company.

Noon Creative Enterprise’s primary undertaking is using the performing arts as a tool for development, education, awareness raising and self-expression of groups young and old.

Since its founding in 2011, Noon has worked on a wide range of commissions to create performative pieces in both workshop settings and touring shows that have been performed extensively locally, regionally and internationally. Our work has taken place in a diverse number of settings including conferences, educational institutions, classical theatres, public transport, community centres, NGO’s, coffee shops and outdoor spaces. Noon has partnered with local and international NGOs, schools, universities, networks, youth centres, cultural and sports institutions.

A diverse range of topics have been tackled, including disability and inclusivity, street children and dreams, youth civic engagement, the environment, sexual harassment, parenting, relationships, stigma and racism, feeling of not belonging, the need to immigrate, female genital mutilation (FGM), and the portrayal of women in the media and law in current day Egypt.

Additionally, we aim to connect and strengthen the performing arts sector through hosting talks, skills sharing and training programs, online resources and networking opportunities across Egypt.

Our Values:

Creativity – Sustainability – Realizing Dreams – Social Engagement – Participation – Offering Successful Alternatives – Unleashing the Imagination – Appreciation